Welcome to my photography page. I am so glad you found me on the world wide web!

This is the section of my page where I am expected to share my deepest thoughts on photography. Well, it’s actually not all that profound. I simply love the whole process of creating a still image. There are very few things more rewarding than being out and about pre-dawn in nature hunting for just the right light, finding unique viewpoints and composing the perfect picture. I love coming home with a memory card of adventures, sitting down with a glass of wine in front of my computer and translating my experiences into images..

My interest in photography started in my teens documenting life in my hometown of Hamburg, Germany, with a rangefinder Kodak Retinette camera. I quickly started to get more serious about my hobby and once I gained access to the darkroom at our local youth center and learned how to develop my own photos I was totally hooked. 

Over thirty years have passed and as is evident from my portfolio, my style has changed considerably from my beginnings as a street photographer. I am fortunate to live in the Sierra Nevada foothills just south of Yosemite National Park. Being so close to nature sure changes one’s perspective! These days I am looking for interesting light, vibrant colors and viewpoints that surprise…ingredients to create emotions and not just pretty pictures.

I hope you’ll find something in my portfolio that will grab your attention and won’t let go.